Suprastellae (Sci-fi slice of life-esque RP)

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Suprastellae (Sci-fi slice of life-esque RP)

Postby loveshorsesgirl » December 18th, 2017, 12:44 am

Welcome to Suprastellae!
This is a sci-fi future story in which there is no actual plot. How does the story go, then? Exploration, world building, and character relationships would be the main focus.

The year is 80641, and you have found yourself on a space station of sorts, in no particular orbit, in the galaxy you call Domum. It's no ordinary space station- over the last 20,000 years, this station, named Suprastellae, has been built and inhabited by over a thousand intelligent species from more than ten different galaxies. They have all worked together- peacefully- for the survival and betterment of all life, through shared knowledge and protection from those who may threaten anyone.
As expected, Suprastellae is enormously large. There are endless places to explore on the station, and ships available to explore planets up to a 100,000 lightyears away. The ships travel at a pace of 100 light-years per Earthen hour- no species can make the journey awake, however, and find themselves inside a stasis chamber for the duration of their travels.
Each character is tasked with presenting a case study on a planet of their choosing to the Council of Knowledge, who will record the presentation and share it for every member of Suprastellae to see. It is a big moment for these characters- they gain unlimited access to every square inch of Suprastellae, and the ability to make a living doing a task of their choice. Each task pays just the same as the others, something the Elders decided upon to keep the station civil.
Once the case study is presented, your character(s) are free to do whatever they wish. Do they wish to travel to the most beautiful planets that exist? Have they always wanted to create medicines to heal the ill? Is their life goal to be a chef in the food court? Is it their duty to carry on the tradition of their people to study magic and become a powerful mage? The choice is yours.
Each character has a belt, presented to them upon arrival to the station (or upon birth, should they have lived their whole lives on Suprastellae) that dictates their access to the station. There is a screen on the right hip (or equivalent to a hip, should your species not have one) that can instantly send them to their sleeping quarters when on Suprastellae, or their ship should they find themselves on a planet. This screen also contains information on ability to access the station (a pass, of sorts, to leave the academic grounds) and ships.

Important information
1: No plot! Do as you please.
2: The case study presentation is a character introduction of sorts. This should contain general information of the planet, including whether or not you can visit its surface, if it's icy, temperate, volcanic, etc. and anything more you decide to add. This is a basic "Hey, look at these places that we could explore!" type of introduction. Every character ultimately has access to these files, and on more planets should you choose to explore a planet not already on the list. Visit/create as many or as few as you please!
3: Species. Make up a species! I'm planning on a dachshund-bird cross that can shapeshift into a humanoid figure.
4: Combat. There's no combat explicitly planned, but should you wish to come across a boss-mob of sorts on a planet, feel free to RP as a boss.
4.5: Should you find yourself playing a 2000-year-old dragon who has studied the arcane arts her whole life, fighting this boss alongside a dachshund-bird who can peck at her opponent.. please do place a blessing on the weaker members of your party so you find yourselves on somewhat equal playing ground. This is a way to avoid being OP while also having the freedom to make your character pretty OP.
5: Magic. Absolutely, feel free to use magic! Who says the future doesn't have magic?
6: Travel. Feel free to travel to wherever you want- planets, the middle of space to observe a galaxy, in a space suit outside of the station, to that spooky closet that nobody has seen the inside of for generations.
7: Time. For the sake of ease of writing, this fancy space station more than 80,000 years in the future uses Earth time, with minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, etc. and a 24 hour day, with appropriate "lights-on/lights-off" cycles.
7.25: Maybe the planet you're visiting has a 86-hour day, and stays in "sunset" mode for like, 6 hours, so you can enjoy a romantic day on the beach with the sunset in the background. An entire day.
7.5: Time can be effectively skipped by anyone, so long as all characters are in agreement, like, they're all in stasis on a ship, or they're all asleep.
7.75: Let's not play with time in the way that the movie Interstellar does, in that, the planet you find yourself on has a time-cycle so extreme (for lack of a better term, it's been a while since I've seen it) that to you, you've been on the planet for like, a half hour, and to everybody on the station, it's been literal decades. For the sake of storyline continuity, please do not play with time.
8: Play with gravity! Play with light! Play with sound! Play with technology! It's the future, man.
9: Character background. The station has been around and inhabited by long enough that your character may very well have been born on the station, but you may have also been born on a planet and traveled to Suprastellae. Up to you!
10: Language. For the sake of writing, they all have either learned a common language, or use a translator on their belt.

1: Be nice to each other, writers.
2: Don't be OP. If you're OP, do some kinda fancy stuffs to level the playing ground.
3: Out of character discussion is denoted with double parentheses ((like this!)). Use this as a form of communicating with fellow writers, should you not have a better option to do so.
4: Post a character sheet! ((I'll do my best to keep this front page as current on character sheets as possible))
5: You must present your planet case study in your first post with a character.
6: Keep whatever you're writing within the rules of the forum. As much is allowed on the forum, is allowed here.
7: No posting order! Feel free to have a scene where your characters run off and do something, as quickly or as slowly as you like.
8: Should you find one of your characters "trapped" in a scene because the author of the other character involved has not posted, after 2 days of non-posting, feel free to have your character send the M.I.A. characters to their sleeping quarters using the screen on the belt.
9: Have fun!

Character Sheet
Biological sex:
Gender, if applicable:
Age range: (are you a teenager, young adult, adult, etc.? 2000 would be the deadest of dead for humans, but may be young adult for other species)
Physical description:
Special abilities, if applicable: (Do you shapeshift? Are you an intergalactic-class archer? Are you a magic-user? etc.)

None yet!
Go forth and have fun, my dears! The story begins as soon as there's a case study presentation ready to go up, by anyone. Remember: this is very much a story directed by whoever's writing at any particular time. I designed it (while half-asleep) to be a story where I can disappear for a while (like I am so prone to doing) and have that not affect others' ability to keep writing.
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