Darkie's Pokemon X Wedlocke! [Completed!]

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Re: Darkie's Pokemon X Wedlocke!

Postby khdarkwolf » March 17th, 2016, 8:20 pm

Chapter 20

There are twelve males to choose from: Chipotle the Helioptile, Allspice the Eevee, Coriander the Quagsire, Basil the Mightyena, Chili the Litwick, Saffron the Beartic, Sage the Snover, Xylitol the Xerneas, Marjoram the Durant, Flax the Stunfisk, Mustard the Amoongus, and Wasabi the Zweilous.

Nutmeg and Chili are now paired.

Chili seems like the best choice. Most of the others would result in repeat typings for the party, three have similar weaknesses with Nutmeg, and Chili had the best nature of the ones who where left. He also resists Ice and Fairy, which is good for Nutmeg.

Chili evolved into Lampent.

Noooo, Chiliiii! Night Slashed by a wild Scyther.


Good bye, Chili. I thought you'd be good in the Elite Four, but you just weren't there.

There are eleven males to choose from: Chipotle the Helioptile, Allspice the Eevee, Coriander the Quagsire, Basil the Mightyena, Saffron the Beartic, Sage the Snover, Xylitol the Xerneas, Marjoram the Durant, Flax the Stunfisk, Mustard the Amoongus, and Wasabi the Zweilous.

Nutmeg and Allspice are now paired.

After considering the E4, Allspice seems like the best choice because if I evolve him into a Flareon, not only does he resist Fairy and Ice types, he's good against Steel type, which the other pairs have a weakness too.

Allspice evolved into Flareon.

Entering the Elite Four: Sugar is level 71, Fennel is level 71, Parsley is level 71, Paprika is level 70, Nutmeg is level 71, Allspice is level 72.

I'm slightly over-leveled; but since I only can use two pokemon per battle, its balanced enough.

There's a pink-haired chick inside, I think I've seen her on tv!

I think I'll start with the Ironworks Chamber. The strategy is to Earthquake with Nutmeg, with Flamethrowing Allspice for backup.

Time for Elite Four: Wikstrom!

He sends out; Klefki, great, a Fairy type. Nutmeg is sent in, Klefki uses Torment, and I decide to Earthquake away, Klefki faints. Next is Probopass, Nutmeg can't use Earthquake again due to Torment! Nutmeg Dragon Claws instead, and gets a Power Gem from the Probopass. Now an Earthquake, Probopass faints. Next is Scizor, Allspice switches in. Quick Claw pops and lets Allspice use Flamethrower first! Next is Aegislash, I keep Allspice in, Aegislash uses King's Shield to protect itself. Another Quick Claw pop and Allspice uses Flamethrower, Aegislash uses, Iron Head? I think, I didn't see it. Wikstrom uses a Full Restore, Allspice Flamethrowers again and the Aegislash faints!

Next is the Blazing Chamber. I plan to have Allspice Attract Malva's team and just Return or Bite until they faint; Nutmeg has Earthquake for backup.

Time for Elite Four: Malva!

Malva sends out a Pyroar! Allspice comes out and Attracts with the help of Quick Claw. Pyroar is immobilized by love! Allspice Quick Claw Returns! Immobilized Pyroar! And Again! Another Return knocks the Pyroar out! Next is Torkoal, Allspice starts with Attract, immobile Torkoal. Allspice Returns, immobile again! Return to knock the Torkoal out! Next is Talonflame, who starts with Brave Bird; Allspice Attract her; Quick Claw Return! Another Brave Bird, but it knocks itself out! Next is Chandelure, but Allspice is low on health, so I switch him out with Nutmeg. Nutmeg Crunches the Chandelure and it faints!

Next up is the Flood Chamber: The plan is to send out Parsley to set up Screens, then switch to Paprika with some Thunderbolts.

Time for Elite Four: Siebold!

First up is Parsley against Clawitzer. Parlsey sets up a Reflect, but Clawitzer Dark Pulses! I switch out Parlsey for Paprika, another Dark Pulse, but it doesn't do much. Paprika Thunderbolts; and receives an Aura Sphere. Siebold uses Full Restore; and Paprika Thunderbolts again. Another Full Restore, another Thunderbolt. Reflect wears off. Thunderbolt takes out the Clawitzer. Barbarcle comes out. I use a Hyper Potion on Paprika; Barbarcle Stone Edges! I use another Hyper Potion. Another Stone Edge. I decide to heal again, waiting for Stone Edge to miss. Barbarcle uses Cross Chop instead! I decide to Thunderbolt; and Paprika gets a Stone Edge. I use a Full Restore, another Stone Edge, healing again. Another Stone Edge. That was five, should be his last one. I risk it with a Thunderbolt. It takes the Barbarcle out! Next is Gyarados. I stay in, and Thunderbolt again. The Gyarados faints! Next is Starmie. Paprika stays in, Starmie Light Screens as Paprika Thunderbolts. Starmie uses Psychic and Paprika Thunderbolts again! Another Psychic, but one last Thunderbolt knocks the Starmie out!

Last is the Dragonmark Chamber. I plan to use Fennel against the Dragalge and then Sugar against the rest.

Time for Elite Four: Drasna!

Out comes Fennel against Dragalge. Fennel Digs under the ground, avoiding a Sludge Bomb, he hits, and gets hit with a crit Sludge Bomb, though it doesn't do much. Fennel Digs again! And this time knocks out the Dragalge. Next is Druddigon, and Sugar comes out. Sugar sets up a Calm Mind, and Druddigon uses Revenge to little effect. Sugar uses another Calm Mind just because. Druddigon uses Chip Away, still to little effect. Time for Dazzling Gleam! It knocks out the Druddigon. Next is Altaria. Dazzling Gleam works wonders. Next is Noivern, who Air Slashes, Dazzling Gleam takes them out though.

I've beaten all of the Elite Four!

Next up, is the Champion!

After thinking about it for a long time, I decide to use Paprika and Parsley, they should have the means to defeat the Champions team.

Time for the Champion: Diantha!

First up is Paprika against her Hawlucha! Hawlucha Sword Dances and Paprika Thunderbolts, oooh, so close to a one-shot! Diantha Full Restores and Paprika Thunderbolts again. Hawlucha Flying Presses, doing a lot of damage, but Paprika survives and Thunderbolts it out! Next is Tyrantrum. I use a Full Restore on Paprika. Tyrantrum Head Smashes, but Paprika avoids it! Paprika Ice Beams the Tyrantrum and knocks it out! Next is Goodra, Paprika Ice Beams that as well, but it holds on and Focus Blasts! Another Ice Beam does it in! Next is Aurorus. I take the turn to heal Paprika back up. Aurorus Reflects, Paprika uses Surf! Aurorus uses Thunder! Paprika gets Paralyzed! I decide to Heal; as does Diantha. Another Surf for Aurorus, and another Thunder, that crits and paralyzes! I heal again, calling shenanigans. Aurorus uses Thunder again, but Paprika is nimble for a beached water creature. Another Surf takes care of the Aurorus. Next is Gourgeist, which Paprika Ice Beams. Last is Gardevior, I really don't know what do to against it, I leave Paprika in. What's this? Gardevior Mega Evolves! and uses Thunderbolt, Paralyzing Paprika, again. I heal since Paprika couldn't get a move in. Thunderbolt again. And again. Paprika Ice Beams! I heal Paprika up and she gets another Thunderbolt. Another Thunderbolt takes Paprika out though! No! Parsley enters, and starts off with a Calm Mind, Gardevoir Shadow Balls. Parsley Calms his Mind again. Another Shadowball, with a Special Defense Drop. I heal up Parsley; and we get another Shadow Ball. A third Calm Mind. Another Shadow Ball, Heal, Shadow Ball, Sp. Def. Drop. Fourth Calm Mind; Shadow Ball. Heal; Shadow Ball. Fifth Calm Mind. Shadow Ball. Now, for a Psyshock! It takes out the Mega Gardevoir! Diantha has been defeated!

It was a difficult journey, but I became the Champion!

Diantha leads me to the Hall of Fame; where I enter my Team.

Paprika. Parsley. Nutmeg. Allspice. Suger. Fennel.

Because of them, I have made it all the way to becoming the Pokemon League Champion!

A few days later; there's a celebration!

Oh, look, its the Tall Man. He challenges me to a battle.

Out comes, Torkoal. And Paprika... um. I must have forgotten to release her, let me just.. Switch to a different pair. I send Nutmeg out. Torkoal Stone Edges. Nutmeg responds with an Earthquake! Next is Sigilyph, Nutmeg Crunches it. Last is Golurk. Nutmeg Crunches again knocking it out.

Me and the Tall Man nod at each other.

The Tall Man looks up, and in the sky is; oh! A Shiny! I want it!

Tall Man and the Shiny have an emotional moment.

And that, is the end of my Pokemon journey.

Now, its time to say good bye to Paprika. You did so well in that last fight. I don't think I could have won the battle without you. You were a good match for poor Parsley, filling the void that was left after his love, Pepper, had fallen, and Vanilla too, though they weren't that close. Parsley will miss you dearly; as will the rest of the team.

This is the end of my Pokemon X Wedlocke. Thank you all for reading and enjoying.
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